The accidental union of immigration law and family law

One of the most significant trends in the legal profession over the last few decades is the prominence of specialization within law firms. A focus on one practice area brings many advantages, such as establishing expertise and increasing efficiency. However one of the significant disadvantages is providing clients with a narrower range of services and needing to refer clients to other firms in order to ensure they obtain the assistance they require.

Jordan Battista LLP was formed through the friendship of its partners rather than the confluence of its main practice areas, immigration and family law. However it did not take long before the overlap between Canadian immigration and family law was recognized by the firm’s lawyers. Clients began seeking us out for our unique ability to provide them with answers to questions that spanned both areas of law. Exploring and expanding our expertise in the areas in which the practices overlapped became an accidental benefit of working together, creating a niche legal practice in itself.

Michael and Kelly are proud to be releasing Canada’s first legal text on the intersection between Canadian immigration and family law. The book answers questions related to how the best interest of children is interpreted and applied in both practice areas, the impact of family sponsorship arrangements on entitlement to support in family law, and international adoptions. We also made it a point to address constitutional and international law dimensions of the practice areas.

As stated in the introduction to our book, newcomers to Canada share the same interests in establishing, maintaining, amending and dissolving their family relationships. We hope that legal professionals with an interest in both areas of law will find the book useful.

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