It’s always great to get positive feedback from clients. Today I received this message:

“I am feeling so great and would like to inform you that my parents got visa and they coming to Canada. I am very happy and excited to see my parents. I am really appreciate you and your team from my heart. Its all because of you and your team hard work. You and your team did really good job for me.

Michael, in future if I need any legal help I will straight come to you. I know so many people need a good lawyer like you but can’t find out and I promise any of my known need help I will recommend you.”

Calling all Czechs!

The National Post reported on Wednesday that Canada will be lifting the requirement for visas for citizens of the Czech Republic. This is a welcome move, as it benefits Czech citizens who wish to come to Canada to visit family, study, or explore opportunities to find work. There has been no indication of a similar change in policy with respect to Mexico, whose citizens have faced visa requirements since 2009.